Monday, November 1, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 1}

Hello my two faithful readers! I haven't forgotten this blog---I actually have several posts typed up, but I'm waiting to get my pictures on my computer---that's another story!

30 Days of Thanks---WOW---that's hardly enough days to tell all the things I'm thankful for---but I'm going to do my best.

I'm thankful for my family. Life isn't perfect---but it's good. I have a great family---we laugh, we love, we live life together. This year is proving to be our most interesting yet! One wedding, one new job, one child traveling the world, one husband working out of town during the week, one baby on the way, one crazy fourth grade dancing man, two extra people in the house for now, one house in need of some work.....and the list goes on. But in the midst of this insanity, I have learned to treasure my family more than ever---to NEVER take them for granted, and to LOVE any time I get with them---because it is fleeting. Life moves at such a crazy pace that I DO try to stop and enjoy the moments.

Extended family---people always laugh when others talk about extended family---but I'm grateful for mine. OH, Don't get me wrong---there's plenty to laugh about in our family as well---but fortunately we choose to LAUGH about it, instead of scream, or cry!!! MY SIDE: My sisters are precious to me---and my parents, as well. My brother in law and nephews are dear. I need more time with them---again with the insane pace of life......

DAVID'S SIDE--some of my most treasured memories with my own little family have been in the company of these people---hearing Pam and Rick fight---again!, (just kidding---sort of!), watching my nieces and nephews grow up---from afar, much of the time, but watching nonetheless (9 of them!!). Most are grown now---several married, new babies---it has happened. The "Kids"---"us", are now the grandparents and the "children"--"they", are now the parents. Let's all sing "The Circle of Life" and go to bed!

Enjoy your month of Thanks---what are you thankful for today? Let me know---I probably am, too!

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Mary Mac said...

question: will I ever be thankful for grad school?
this was a beautiful post. it is encouraging to hear you say "life isn't perfect- but it is good."
I am going to copy your idea on my blog. thank you for reminding me to be thankful.