Friday, September 24, 2010

{Joshua and our own Catalog Living}

OK---Have you seen Catalog Living? I have had this blog on my reader since the first post---oh. my. gosh--it is laugh out loud funny! The blog is the brainchild of Molly Erdman. She was looking through a catalog one day and thought some of the pictures were ridiculous, so now she blogs about them. Here are a few of my favorite posts: Here, here, and here. There are so many others---you should just look through her archive someday if you need a laugh! They are one sentence and a picture---we all have time for that in a day!

Joshua was dragged along went to the Mall with me today---hey, there's a Lego store AND an Apple store there---he didn't suffer----too much. I still had a significant amount of Pottery Barn money leftover from some teacher gifts I received last year and I wanted some new things for Fall---Pottery Barn has BEAUTIFUL fall decor, so I thought I'd treat myself without having to spend any of my own money! Joshua LOVED this store---he kept picking EVERYTHING up---it was crazy! They have some very odd accessories---like a set of vintage keys that range in length from 4 to 7 inches, or an hour glass that is HUGE and easily is a true "HOUR GLASS", if not longer. Well, I have received Pottery Barn magazines long enough to recognize the pictures and Catalog Living uses their pictures pretty often.

As we were wandering around, Joshua found this  Vintage Wood long Cheese Board. Well, first he tried to figure out what it was and then at the same time, we said, "It's a HUGE Spanking Spoon". Then he decided he needed to pose for pictures---

Here he is "reading the paddle"--aka Vintage Wood Long Cheese Board

His crazy parent face----FORTUNATELY he's never seen that at our home---it must have come from TV...
So, in true Catalog Living Style---leave me your best line to capture this photo.....and make it snarky!

This is what we do on a Friday night in Raleigh, NC when no one else is home----do you understand now why we need to move to Winston Salem as soon as possible? My poor son......he needs some other influences in his life!

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Elizabeth said...

What do you mean this doesn't come in a tea-stained finish with a fume heat treatment?!

(This is the best I can do... I really like your blog!)