Sunday, December 26, 2010

{Merry Christmas 2010}

Yes, I'm very aware that Christmas day is over---but we had SNOW in Raleigh that actually started on Christmas day, and we've been a bit busy today playing in the snow! I don't have any pictures of Christmas day on my computer yet, but here are a few of our adventures out in the snow today! One of my favorite things to wake up to is a beautiful snow scene---this snow is heavy and wet, so it makes beautiful pictures.....the trees are loaded with it!

The front yard after the snow stopped falling~

The backyard from the deck~
 A few pictures of Joshua playing....nothing like a kid in the snow!!!
nailing Mom with a snowball~
....after rolling down the hill in the backyard~

....after the snow, a cup of cocoa---served in a beautiful Crate and Barrel bowl~

I hadn't taken pictures of some of my decorations, so I took some today! I love having time to enjoy my home.
I always go out shopping on December 26th, but I stayed home today and truly enjoyed some down time. I hope your family has enjoyed a quiet day with each other. Now to read a few chapters of Harry Potter 5 with Joshua---that's the best!

Friday, December 3, 2010

{Hannah at the Great Wall}

Oh my---yes, I know I missed my 30th Day of Thanks---once Thanksgiving Break is over, there's a mad dash to get the Christmas Concert "on" and I have been up late EVERY night with school work. I'm so sorry I didn't finish.

I did find a GREAT blogger's prompt for December, but I just knew I probably wouldn't be able to do it. If you are interested in "blogging through" December go to Reverb 10. This site posts "prompts" everyday in December. It's supposed to help you look back over the last year and then look forward toward next year. There are many bloggers participating---I just knew I wouldn't be able to keep up.

SOOOOO---To the post title!
Hannah was able to go to Beijing last weekend on her Independent Student Travel weekend with Thinking Beyond Borders. She went to the Great Wall and got to see Claire, an exchange student that was at Trinity Academy last year. I stole this picture from the facebook page of one of the girls in this picture, Mckinley. I LOVE IT! This is obviously at the wall---but I just thought the composition was amazing! Hannah is in the orange hat---apparently is VERY cold in China right now!

Well, I need to get ready---I'm off to school for the day to try to catch up on paperwork---mainly the program for our Lessons & Carols Service. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy this season of advent and make a memory this weekend!