Monday, September 13, 2010

{A card for Hannah}

Edited: OOPS! I had this set up to post and forgot all about it...I hadn't added in the pictures---here they are!!---if you want details about the card---let me know! TOO MUCH IN MY BRAIN!

Well, Hannah is safely in Costa Rica. She's in orientation for her big adventure. She told me that she was having surfing lessons this morning---hee! If you know anything about Hannah, you're giggling right now! She will have SOOOO many experiences on this trip that she would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience! You can keep up with her adventures at her blog. Since Hannah will be out of the country on her birthday, we had a little birthday party for her before she left. She received a Nook for graduation, so one of her gifts was a Barnes and Noble giftcard that she could use to buy books before she left. Here's the card I made for her. I had to use this stamp set All Booked Up---She's such a bookworm---both of my girls are---and their daddy, actually!

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