Friday, November 19, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 19}

Today I am thankful for

Shannon Royce, my just older sister. (by "just older", I mean, I have two and she's the ONE right next to me---of course she's LOTS older than I!) hmph~

I know I've already been thankful for her---and, of course, I shouldn't be thankful for the same person twice in thirty days---but I've said that before!!!  My posts each day are truly what I'm thankful for THAT DAY---usually something has happened the day I write my post for which I'm thankful. I haven't planned out posts and written them up ahead of time (as I'm sure you can tell!!) I just go through my day and things come up to help me see how truly grateful I am for someone or something.

Today, I'm thankful  not just for my sister, but for her courage. Shannon has started a new venture and her website went public today. Chosen Families is an organization that hopes to help meet the needs of parents who have a child with a hidden disability. The website isn't quite finished, but there's some good information there. I'm so proud of Shannon for stepping out in faith to start this new organization. What a blessing to see the Lord at work in her and through her. I'm sure we all know someone---perhaps someone very close to us who has a hidden disability. Check out her website and see what you think.

I'm out of school for a WHOLE week---that's another thing to be thankful for!!! I love Thanksgiving!! Until I'm thankful for something tomorrow~

~be grateful!

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