Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 23}

.....and he fixes stuff, too!

OK---here I go again, being grateful for the same person again in 30 days---WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? ;-D

Carson---my new son in law actually LIKES to fix things around the house---and since he is living here (for about two more weeks----WAAAAAAH!) he has LOTS to fix!!

Joshua took a shower in my shower last night and when I went in there a little later, the cold water knob would just turn all the way around, but not turn on or off----GRRRRRRR. Joshua assured me he didn't do anything, but either way, the cold water didn't work! I knew that meant that David would get home and have a "job" to do---WHICH HE HATES!!! He REALLY doesn't like fixing things around the house---so, tonight I was talking to Caitlin and Carson about the shower and Carson just walked in there and about 5 minutes later he had fixed it---AND he said this, "I LIKE to fix things--it makes me feel like I've accomplished something"---I'm just typing that out and publishing it here, so twenty years from now when he doesn't want to fix something at my house, I can remind him that he LIKES to fix things......Yep, he's stuck forever.....be careful little mouth what you say.....

With a VERY grateful heart---and a grateful husband, I'm sure.....

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