Wednesday, November 24, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 24}

WOW---what a day today! Here are a few things I'm so grateful for:
  • traditions--even if they are new---they are still fun
  • family dinners---with David out of town, we get very few of these now, and I'm very grateful for them when we are all around the table (Joshua said tonight to touch feet for Hannah, since she couldn't be here ---only a few of you will get that, but HANNAH will get it....)
  • Random games of Go Fish---Carson always wins---I'm trying to explain to him that this may not be a great idea---he's not listening
  • all things familiar----I appreciate them more this year---I'm sure there are many reasons why, but I'm very grateful for the things in my life and my family life that are familiar
  • Western Union---'nuff said---but VERY grateful for Western Union
  • laughter---I LOVE to laugh, and there are NO other people I'd rather laugh with than my little family---
SO grateful tonight for some down time with my family--

Missing Hannah---she had a Thanksgiving meal last night with her team. She said she had REAL turkey---not Tofurkey, so this was GREAT!!! She had sweet potatoes, oh and some chicken burritos---and pizza!!! And pumpkin pie---so this was a unique Thanksgiving meal, but she was QUITE thankful for some turkey! It was nice to know they enjoyed this time together. I'm so grateful for the lessons she's learning and the woman she is becoming! Just blessed tonight----SOOOO much to be thankful for---

What are you grateful for today? I've been overwhelmed with gratitude this month---I'm sure because I have been looking for things I'm thankful for---perhaps this should be a lesson to me to be grateful EVERY DAY---

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