Sunday, November 28, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 28}

I'm thankful today for Caitlin~

I've featured her here before---OK, LOTS of times on my blog, but I mean in the last 28 days, but that post was really about the baby she's carrying!  This post is about HER!

She went "off to school" three and a half years ago and my whole world changed. That sounds SO dramatic, but it's true. I think most mothers feel this way when their first child goes off to school. I was fortunate that Caitlin went to school IN TOWN, but, if any of you have had this same experience, you know that this doesn't mean you get more time with them---if anything you may get less. I did get to see her most weeks at church for a quick hug, but I rarely got a whole weekend with her.

There are so many changes that take place in one's life in college and these are clearly reflected in your family relationships. One of the things I loved about her coming home---something that seemed to stay the same--- was that we were able to have our family dinners--one of my favorite times in the Nelson house. She was always interested in the conversation and had much to say about it---as did her sister and father. I would relish listening to the banter as my two oldest argued about things back and forth--their father playing devil's advocate to both. It was refreshing to have her "home."

Now, my baby is having a baby and she and Carson are making a new place "home"---I will miss those dinners together, I will miss the arguing, and laughing and rolling of eyes----I know I'll still get them---just not as often. I know we'll have time as a family for MANY years to come; and I know that as our family grows with more in-laws and babies, these times will only be sweeter....but today, just today, I'm just a little sad that my oldest baby is a grown up.

I know we raise our children to move out on their own and find the place in life where the Lord wants them to serve, but I think it still stings when it happens---I'm so grateful for those times when we do still share meals together, play games together, laugh together and I will look forward to many more of these---with the ones in the past treasured in my heart.

 **bridal portrait by Love the Schultzes**


Connie said...

Well written, Kathleen. Oh how my heart blends with yours and share your feelings!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness!! Can't even begin to imagine how you feel right now. I know how I feel and I am just an Aunt. You've done such a great job raising your kids! As hard as it must be to let them go and let them grow up, you should be so proud of the women that they have become! I'm proud of you, my little sister!!
Love you, Jen