Saturday, November 6, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 6}

Today I am thankful for:

 time with my sister Shannon--shown here with her youngest, Nathan at Caitlin's wedding.

She is here on business and visiting for a few days. She's staying with me tonight and I can't wait to have some time with just her! This is a rare and beautiful thing! She is a dear friend, sister, soulmate. We have LOTS of memories---one of my favorites involves a can of bug spray and a hole in her bedroom door.......I'm sure you can figure out WHO put said hole in the door....but I'll never tell! Off to enjoy some time with her~I am blessed. Tomorrow she is running the half in the City of Oaks marathon, so we can't stay up late....of course, she's ALWAYS been an early riser, so we couldn't stay up late anyway. There are more "teenage years" stories attached to the early riser thing, but I'll spare you.....for now. They will all be in my salacious memoir someday!

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