Thursday, November 18, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 18}

Harry Potter---

Yep---I said it--I'm thankful for Harry Potter---I LOVED these books. The girls and I would go to the midnight parties to get our books upon the release (yes, books--PLURAL) because I would have to share them with TWO girls, not just one. Usually, by the time I would finish MY OWN BOOK, both of the girls had read their ONE copy. They read like so fast!! So does their Daddy!

I was soooooo sad when the last book came out---I loved them that much. The movie is coming out in less than two hours and I can't wait to see it---they NEVER have been as good as the books. (And no, I'm not going to a midnight showing---sadly, I'd sleep through the entire thing---something about 5:15 AM on a regular basis sort of messes up the whole "midnight movie fun"---)



You just miss too much. YOU MUST read the book; some of the most enjoyable reading I've done. I think we all need a little entertainment in our lives---THIS is a great way to pass the time. Joshua and I are reading them aloud right now---we are getting close to the end of the 4th book and hope to watch the movie over our break next week---in our house, you have to read the books first! (did I already say that?)

I encourage you to read these books---if you haven't--they are a blast!

OH, and if you have read them, read them again! They are even better the next time!

Be grateful!!

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Leah F said...

Okay, so I like all of your days of thanksgiving, really I do, but I have to give two thumbs up to be thankful for Harry Potter! LOVE it! I appreciate your boldness in declaring your affection for a wonderfully written series that, by the end, raises some wonderful questions and paints beautiful pictures of love and sacrifice. By the way, you'll LOVE the movie, too:-)