Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(30 Days of Thanks~Day 10}

Oh my---so much to be thankful for--but today, I'm thankful for this:
 Yes, Joshua decided it would be funny to have the Pottery Barn crow in the picture---CAITLIN IS PREGNANT---and it's a GIRL!! It's crazy, but true! We found out in July and the Lord has walked them through all this change so far! It's funny---I wanted to move to a different part of the house for this photo, because this isn't the prettiest room in my house, but I met some resistance, so here it is. I bought that lovely Almond refrigerator in April of 1989 one month before Caitlin was born---and it's still running, despite our fervent prayers that it will die and the Home Warranty would actuallykick in to buy me a new one.....who would have thought that   
  • A. We'd still have that refrigerator 21 years later
  • 2. Our daugther would be married and expecting all before her 22nd birthday!!!
It's so crazy how the Lord works! I can't wait to meet this little girl---I've resisted buying too many clothes for this child---but I did buy "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Bill Martin and Eric Carle, the other day!!!

What a blessed life I have!

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