Sunday, November 21, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 21}

Today I am thankful for some time to bake cookies! Now, usually, I don't bake Christmas cookies BEFORE Thanksgiving, but I'm mailing a "party in a box" to Hannah's group in China, so it had to be done! I thought it would be fun to have a Christmas Party for the students to celebrate---I hope I can stuff everything into the box---cookies, icing, food coloring, sprinkles, plates, napkins, cups, hot chocolate---and more....all of this needs to fit into a 12x12x5 1/2" box. Yeah---we'll see!!

I have some other pictures of me and Joshua baking cookies, but this one was the most convenient to use---not the best composition, but you get the point! I took this one with my phone!

Anyway, I hope the cookies taste OK by the time they get to China---if they put enough icing on them, I'm sure they will be fine!!

I'm grateful that I got to do this with my son. He's so easy going---what a blessing! We watched a movie while we rolled and cut and baked---it was just a fun evening! I am always thankful for time with my children making good memories~

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