Thursday, November 11, 2010

{30 Days of Thanks~Day 11}

Today there is so much to be thankful for. I certainly can't forget those who have served our country in the military since this country was founded. Men and women who fought courageously for the freedom that I so quickly forget I even have. My father and father-in-law served; my brother in law served---he was on a nuclear sub---we still believe it's effected him to this day......hee!

But, today I was so thankful for some time with my son. We went on a field trip---ok, this was no sissy field trip---this was a "get to the train station in Cary at 6:30 in the morning, stand there for thirty minutes, ride the train to Charlotte, go to the Discovery Place children's museum, do lunch, buy dinner to go, board the train at 5:00pm, leave for Raleigh and get back home around 8:15" sort of trip. We had 74 people in the group....Josh wanted to hang out with his friends (I wanted to hang out with mine----he won!---and, of course, I did, too!) He is studying North Carolina history this year so this trip is part of that unit. It was a really fun day. All of Joshua's friends who went, had their dads along----SOOOOO, it was the boys, the dads and Kathleen. I'm sure they were ready to get rid of me---but, they were all really sweet! I did spend some time with some amazing women on the train---three actually. We were able to have long conversations and I really enjoyed that. I love meeting and spending time with women who love Christ and want to know him better. I'm blessed to have an abundance of these kind of women around me to share life with.

Joshua and I went to a 3-D movie about sharks and then we went to this IMAX movie called Legends of Flight. It was really interesting. It was about the Boeing 787---We saw an explanation of light---specifially UV light. This picture was what happened whens she was showing what happens to helium when a flame is near---WOW!!! Well, I do have some other great pictures, but I'm falling asleep----so I'll share them this weekend, I hope.

Thanks for visiting~I am grateful for you, too!!

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