Saturday, November 26, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 26}

Today, I am thankful for the Body of Christ---one person in particular---who would be mortified if I publicized who he is. He has reached out to my son and thus to me several times in the last year---always at times when I wonder if the Lord didn't just prompt him to do it. He is a giver---I know of several times he has reached out to bless people/organizations who need it---monetarily. Again---it's totally confidential, so that's all I'll say. God used him in my life this week to meet a need. One that I couldn't have met---and I don't really want to say that HE did it, because I truly believe this is the Body of Christ working in the most beautiful way.....he would never want any glory, thanks, or accolades for doing what he can do. I can do other things in the Body---this is what he can do. SO, today---for this man---doing what he can do--what he's GIFTED to do--in the body of Christ to minister to another member---I am thankful. Praise the Lord.

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