Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 2}

Back again for Day 2---I can't thank you enough for your kind comments on yesterday's post, here and on Facebook to encourage me. I certainly don't need sympathy, but I will never turn down a prayer! God has been SO good to me and has just walked me through this year. When I look back on this time last year, it's remarkable to see his sovereign hand in my life. For this I am grateful. I don't have to understand it---but I can trust Him and this is a comfort.

Today---and everyday, I'm thankful for God's word. I'm not sure I have ever been so moved by the truth of God's word as I have lately. It's like everything I read, everything I hear speaks directly to me. I'm sure this is because of the state I find myself in---the vulnerable, totally dependent place I am in. Of course, this is where I should live everyday of my life, but I don't. I tend to think I can do life on my own---not that I'd ever say it that way---but this is the reality of my behavior. Not anymore. I am wholly dependent on a Holy God---and how blessed I am to have a relationship with him. Do you ever just ponder that this holy God loves us in the midst of our mess? It's one of the most humbling things I've ever wrestled with. I have learned to love His word---to trust his word---to hear his word in a fresh way....and, I am changed.

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Unknown said...

Living in the knowledge of God's Sovereignty is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. Aren't we so blessed to rest in that knowledge when we are so uncertain of the days ahead of us? Love you, girlfriend!