Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 20}

I had a relaxing Saturday----YEA! I did a little work when I first got up, but I got a little crafty today. This is my therapy, I've decided, and I have very little time to do it---SO, when I have an opportunity, I take advantage of it! I can't get into details about what I made today---but I will do a post about this in a couple weeks. I'm working on Advent gifts---and I'm packaging them at this point....what a lovely day of therapy. ;D I think it's healthy to just do something you want to do every now and then. I'm so thankful for some time to think, relax and play with paper! Enjoy your Sunday!

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Mary Mac said...

wow! that is amazing... I am hoping you explain more about advent gifts? who opens them? Josh? deets paleeze (that means details please :)).