Sunday, November 13, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 13}

Today I'm thankful that boys are SO easy! (well, most of the time!) My mother in law once told me that she'd take a house FULL of boys before one more girl. (Sorry, sweet sister-in-law Pam). She was right! SO EASY! If you can stand the energy of the boys, it's a breeze.

So, Joshua had a friend over Friday night to spend the night. I made an easy crockpot meal for dinner---a simple chicken dish. You would have thought I was the best cook in the south according to Joshua's friend---

For breakfast, I was the QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!! I made these:
Yeah, Star Wars pancakes---Yoda's ears got a little done, but guess what--BOYS DON'T CARE!!! I MADE STAR WARS PANCAKES!!! heee~ I bought these Pancake molds  a couple of years ago when Joshua was really into Star Wars. They are still at Williams Sonoma if you are interested--

This is Joshua's plate---butter, syrup and powdered sugar---ick! There was bacon, too---and again, bacon made me the queen of the world----

Then there was lunch---Joshua's request---please don't call Social Services on me---cheese sticks (the breaded ones), macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk....and, at my insistence they ate some mandarin oranges! Whew---so there was SOME fruit served today. Again--you would have thought I had won a "Chopped" competition to hear the compliments! Hysterical!

So, the old saying, "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach" must early. Boys are all about food----well, food and shooting things---but that's for another post. I'm so thankful for a happy son, with happy friends, and that I can still, for a few hours be the hero---even if I don't deserve it.

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