Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 23}

Today's post will be short---I'm up late again and I'm sleepy! ;D I am so grateful today for my childrens' friends. All three of my children have been blessed with such amazing friends---One of the things I love about reading my kids' blogs and tweets is all the beautiful experiences they have with their friends. What a gift from the LORD that they can love well and be loved. I do know that not everyone has this experience---so I know it is a gift and often thank the Lord for the blessings of friends in their lives.

 Caitlin has numerous friends, but these two have been such dear friends to her. AND, I LOVE this picture and desperately wanted to post it here!! HA~

This sweet girl is Eve Taylor's namesake and she's precious---(and I get to work with her, so that's cool, too!)
 Caitlin after she had just had Eve---with some of her friends--

Hannah is so blessed. Not only does she have a SCORE of friends from "home" (that's here), but she has found some wonderful friends at Davidson as well---one that is like a soul-mate it seems. I  KNOW that doesn't happen very often, so for this I am grateful. I think it has made this first semester so much easier for her---and let's face it---LOADS of fun!
 Living on campus and having a rainstorm can bring out the ingenuity in a Davidson, Hannah and Maggie and Aric are sporting trash bags before they dash across campus to their dorms.

Hannah and Maggie in the mountains of NC

And THESE girls---the besties since 4th grade.....this was taken in Boston at the TBB graduation. They all flew up to be there with her---Kristin was still in finals---LOVE.....TWUE LOVE.....

And again, in Boston when the tears weren't flowing as freely!

And then there's Joshua---he is equally blessed with good friends. You've seen different posts about them---one of them is this kid----GREAT KID! I look forward to watching these boys grow up---I hope they will continue to be close---

I hope my children have the opportunity to make many more friends in their lives--- but I do hope they will maintain THESE friendships as well---there's nothing better than an "old" friend! Thank you Father, for the gift of friendship. I pray you have good friends in your life and your childrens' lives as well. Thanks for reading---I am just blown away by the fact that you stop by when you have a minute---what a treat for me to get to ramble to so many people!! Enjoy your holiday tomorrow---can you believe it's Thanksgiving? CrAZy!!!!

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