Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 3}

Well, this post should be a little lighter than the last two. It's is definitely something I'm thankful for---but it probably doesn't have the eternal significance of yesterday's post or the gravity of Day 1. BUT, I am happy to say I'm so thankful for my dog.(Please excuse the photo above---this was our summer arrangement in the den---full of stuff---summer is for  fun and all the mess that the fun brings!) Sophie is an 8 year old lab/shepherd mix. We adopted her after she had been abandoned. I have always loved her---I mean, really loved having a dog---except for the crazy amount of shedding; she kept me company when I was home during the day, she had a serious bark when people approached the house and she's a very loving dog. Now, let me say, I'm not the girl who pampers a dog---she's a great dog----but she isn't my child.

Again,, since my life has turned upside down, I have found myself much more grateful for Sophie. She truly is always under my feet. She sleeps in my bedroom, or right outside my bedroom door. She is home during the day when my driveway sits empty. She is a companion to my son on our nightly football outings (more about these later in the month!) She is a constant watchdog to alert me to anyone outside our house (or down the street for that matter---I didn't say she was perfect!)

This has brought a sense of security to me---and to Josh during these changes. I have watched my son relax because he knows that Sophie is our "first line of defense" at the door. She is calming down in her old age and is a good reading buddy for Joshua. She is his playmate, too when mom HAS to do something else.

It's just interesting to me how my perspective of her has changed---like I said, I have always been grateful for her, but I am now somehow comforted by her very presence in the room. I know she'll die someday---I'm not attached in a pitiful way---just grateful that I have this dog around to help me sleep better, or help entertain my boy, or  be a quiet companion.....

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