Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Thirty Days of Thanks~Day 16}

My sister Shannon sent me this beautiful video on Facebook the other day---I think every parent.  should watch it. It's a bit long, I'll admit, but it is really lovely. I have already posted about my Project Life scrapbook that has really helped me focus my perspective in 2011. This video is about that very thing---about not just remembering the "big moments"---those seem to stick in our minds. The things we miss when our children are gone aren't the birthdays or holidays---we likely still celebrate those with our children---for now at least. What we miss are the ordinary days---snuggling with your kids first thing in the morning, laughing hysterically at the dinner table, watching the favorite movie for the 22nd time----THIS MONTH, cleaning up the skinned knee for the 3rd day this week, sitting at the table doing homework---AGAIN.....the ordinary days.
I have not read this book by Katrina Kenison, but this video is from her blog--and about her book. She is reading a portion of her book to some friends---I loved it---it's a beautiful reminder of how I want to live my life. I wish I had been more deliberate about this with my girls---ugh. You have to just let some stuff go---my girls aren't GONE though---and I can still cherish every bit of time with them. I can still have many "ordinary moments" to share with them and treasure the ones I shared with them in my home. I hope you'll take the time to watch the video--even if it takes you a few days to get back to it. It's worth it. Today, I'm thankful for an ordinary day---Joshua and I played football for about 40 minutes before it got too dark, we had a simple spaghetti meal, studied for a test, hung out, read and went to bed. An ordinary day--for this, I am thankful!

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