Monday, August 25, 2008

{First Soccer Game of the Fall}

Ahhhhhhh, nothing says "Fall" like sweating at a 2:00 pm Soccer game in Raleigh, NC!!! Joshua had his first game of the season on Saturday. He has really enjoyed the team he's on. He plays for the Capitol Area Soccer League or CASL, which is a great league for training young players. His coach is so great at just letting the boys be kids. There are some teams--even at this age--where coaches are stacking the teams and making serious "plays" and putting lots of pressure on the kids to "PLAY SOCCER"!

Coach Hans is a dad who grew up LOVING soccer and wants these kids to love it too. They are 7, for "Pete's Stinking Sake" as my dear friend Lana would say! The team we played today had a coach just like our coach, so it was such a fun game---the kids are learning the rules of the game, and having a BLAST at the same time. This is what soccer should be!

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Here's a picture of Joshua engaged in the game---he is in the middle in the white shirt

here he's uh.....not so much~

Here they are at half time....Joshua is on the left pouring water on his head....yep, he's 7~