Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{Daddy's 81}

WOW! 81 years of life! That's amazing, isn't it? My dad is in great shape---he still works out at the gym 3 days a week. He LOVES to travel and still preaches a great sermon! We had a little party for him on Sunday to celebrate his life~My dad has had a very colorful life---we keep telling him to write an autobiography---here's just a LITTLE bit about him....

  • He was born in NY in 1927---
  • His Dad was a Longshoreman on Long Island
  • He started working at the age of 7
  • He went into the navy early so he could fight in the "big war"
  • He was a corpsman and gave shots all day long----seriously, all day long
  • He got married YOUNG and lost his pregnant wife and 2 children in a car wreck in Mississippi
  • He met my mom while she was out shooting baskets on the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Campus
  • He graduated from Mississippi College and NOBTS---a first in his family
  • On their first date (to Tony's Pizza and Cafe du Monde) Mom ordered black coffee and dad was too proud to add his normal cream and sugar===he has had black coffee every since
  • They were married 18 months later
  • They had 3 beautiful girls (the youngest is their favorite---hee, hee!)
  • He was a pastor for over 50 years
  • While he pastored in MS, the KKK put out a hit on him because he stood up against the burning of "black" churches in their town (Meridian, MS) in 1968---they found out years later that he Grand Wizard of that county was the Chairman of the Deacons----gotta love that, huh?
  • My family slept on the floor of their bedroom for over 80 days (I just thought it was a big party) and we were protected by the FBI
  • Dad served in Austin, TX at the same church for over 34 years
  • He as been married to his lovely bride for 51 years
  • He is a very giving man---and boy, does he have stories to tell!
We could all write a book on his life---we are just glad he's still here to tell us all those stories!

Happy Birthday Dad

I had a few other pictures, but Blogger wasn't cooperating---maybe later!

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