Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{The Reception}

Here are some pictures of the reception---everyone was----uh, glowing....because there was a record high that day of 96 degrees. Did I mention it was an outdoor reception? AGGGHHHHHH!  It was so hot---but it was fun anyway! Here are some photos---

Allison & Tim

 Taylor & Parker

Maggie (Carson's sister) and Heath or Heather----whatever!

Sarah Kate (Carson's sister) and Mike

Liz & Doug 

Sara & Tim

Lindsey & Robbie

Hannah & Randy


Caitlin & Carson---she took off her beautiful blue shoes--she was going to wear her boots, but it was too hot!

First Dance--soooooo sweet!

David and Caitlin---father/daughter dance

One more!

Carson & Dawn---his mama!

The groom's cake---he's a big hunter, so the bullets were a fun addition!

Cutting the groom's cake~

The bride's cake was so beautiful---if you live in the area and need a cake--you HAVE to use Christy Haas. Contact me and I'll give you her information---everyone said this was the best wedding cake they had ever had. And I have to agree---it was moist and soooo tasty! LOVED IT!

It was a shame to cut it---but it was so worth it! YUM!

Back to the dance floor---there are a BUNCH of these--and I think this part of the story deserves it's own post.....just wait!

Hannah and I---

Dancing---there are lots of pictures of dancing---but this will do!

We had a balloon release as they left---instead of throwing things at them! It looked really great! I wish I had some better pictures of it---I'm sure I'll have some when I get all the pictures from my family and the official photographer.

Well, thanks so much for indulging me---I'll have the Joshua post sometime this week---and the other major life event in our family---Hannah's graduation from Trinity Academy of Raleigh.

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Anonymous said...

SO enjoyed looking @ the pics! LOVE the green, orange and fun colors Caitlin used...and the photography - such an art.

Oh, want a wedding program - I assume you did not make the invitations or you would have posted it.

Hannah's current & upcoming adventures sound like an absolute dream! What beautiful girls.

What fun times!!
Love you all - Angie