Sunday, June 13, 2010

{Family---the extended kind}

Well, one of the BEST parts of the wedding was getting to see family that we rarely see. David's family has 12 nieces and nephews---including our three. Three of them are now married and we have TWO babies on the way! SOOOOOO exciting to think of adding babies back into the mix. All of David's immediate family was here except one brother in law. They started arriving on Thursday and the last of them left on Monday. My two sisters were also here, but Shannon's family didn't arrive until Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. On Thursday night my mom prepared a wonderful meal and all of us who were in town went over there to have dinner and hang out. Here are a few pictures of that night and the rehearsal dinner---featuring our wonderful extended family.
This is Andrew & Heather (who doesn't seem too happy to have her picture taken!). These are David's sister's kids. Heather is expecting a baby in August!

Rebecca--Gene's wife, her son, Clayton and her daughter in law Molly----not married to Clayton, but to Jeff---you'll see them together later!

Here's Andrew with Logan---Rick's oldest daugther.

This is Brett, Gene's younger son. He and Joshua actually look SOOOO much alike, so we tried to get good pictures of them together----Joshua doesn't always cooperate with that!

The rehearsal dinner was amazing! It was at the home of a friend of Carson's family. They have this beautiful pavillion   out in their backyard near their pool. There were over 90 people there. It was just lovely. Carson's mom, Dawn and her friends did a beautiful job of decorating. We had a "pig pickin'". It's a very North Carolina thing to do. And that was fun for our relatives from all over the country! 

Here are my parents and one of my sisters--Jennifer. I think Shannon, my other sister is there right next to Jennifer.

This is Keith & Sarah---Sarah is Rebecca and Gene's youngest daughter---and her husband. Sarah is expecting a baby in September. You can read about it here.

Jennifer, Jeff and Brett

Sarah & Emily---her sister!

David and Jeff & Molly

Andrew, Heather & Pam

 Clayton and Hannah
 Brett & Me----this is just before I started a small fire with a napkin---yep, I'm a treasure!

I was trying to upload a couple of other pictures, but blogger isn't cooperating--I'm sure this is enough!  I don't have a picture here of several people in the family, so I'll try to upload them later.  I also wanted to show you the cake that we had at the rehearsal dinner--it was so pretty!

I have just decided that if I don't get this all scrapbooked, at least I'll have it on the internet for my grandchildren to see someday! Of course, I do hope to scrapbook the whole thing---these are memories I don't want to forget! Thanks for indulging me~enjoy your day!

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