Thursday, June 24, 2010

{The Post-wedding Nerf War}

Among Joshua's favorite things to do in ALL OF LIFE is have a family nerf war---we have had several. The earliest ones were wrought with drama because said child and/or his team didn't clearly "win"~he's gotten better now and is better able to just have fun. It does seem that anytime we have people over---no matter the age, a nerf war inevitably ensues---some large, some small, but all intense!

This was indeed the case at our "brunch" the day after the wedding. All of our family was still in town and I had them over for a VERY informal brunch on Sunday. We were all hanging out after the food and the next thing I knew the guns were coming out and the war began. Here are some shots of the players---not everyone who was playing is pictured---that's too bad! But we do have lots of pictures of two of the Nelson cousins and Joshua. I think in years to come, this will be a highlight of the memories of the wedding--at least for Joshua!
This is a shot of Jeff---age 30, and the oldest of the first cousins---so glad to know he'll still do battle---even in his Lilly Pulitzer shorts!

Joshua getting ready for battle---Brett (Jeff's brother) looking on! Remember, Joshua takes this all very seriously!

More Jeff.....

And Brett.....notice the onlookers in the background. We ended up with almost everyone in the den watching

The brothers facing off and comparing their weapons!

.....reloading the guns.....

It has begun---again!

Brett---with my Dad in the background---he was taking pictures all weekend---that's a nice blessing!

When the vests come out, you know it's serious!

Aren't those boys so cute? (OK, I know they are men now, but they'll always be boys to me!)

Declaring victory~

.......uh, declaring victory.....too.....

Stopping for a cold beverage---look how red Joshua's face is---I'm telling you, it's intense!

So, here's what I've learned---boys, at any age, think they have won any battle they participate in. At least they don't cry and scream about it anymore---whew, well, at least they don't cry......

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Hannah said...

No, that picture of Brett is not him declaring victory. That's him being Jason Bourne.