Thursday, June 3, 2010

{MacArthur Lives!}

Yes, it's true---General Douglas MacArthur was alive and well and speaking to the children in Mrs. Lyon's third grade class today at Trinity Academy of Raleigh.

Joshua read a biography on Douglas MacArthur  for this project, wrote a paper and then had to do an oral report---
---now, I would have been so sick to do this when I was a third grader, but Joshua was so excited! He was up and dressed before 6:30 this morning.  After school today, I walked to my classroom and he and a friend, Justin, had gotten their costumes out and put them on! How great is that!!??

Here are a few pictures of MacArthur, and JFK with one of the third grade teachers, Mrs.Poole.

Joshua's costume was so easy to put together. The pants are just a pair of his khaki pants. The shirt is an older white shirt that I tea dyed---thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger, Kris Stoner. She had recently written this post about dying a dress for someone and I decided that I was going to have to dye a shirt for Joshua to wear---I couldn't find a khaki one. Anyway, when I called her to ask about it, she suggested I try tea dying the shirt first---YEA! It was so easy----no need to do the whole dying process!

I couldn't find any gold stars, so I bought these at Wal-Mart the other night.
Then, I spray painted them with gold paint and glued them on to his shirt and hat with glue dots.

The corn cob pipe was a find that David ran down and we were done! I'll tell you, Joshua just lit up when he put that costume on---he's not a big fan of school---and who is this time of year, but he LOVED this!

Thanks so much for looking today! Only two more "wake ups" for Joshua---and he is so happy---and NO MORE LUNCHES for mom, we have two half days left---and she is extremely happy about that---
How about you? Do you hate to make lunches, too? Let me know---is it just me?

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kris said...

Absolutely my least favorite mothering chore--packing lunches.
#2--folding laundry