Thursday, June 3, 2010

{A Little Crafty}

Well, I've wanted to get crafty for sometime now, but I honestly haven't had time---but, I did decide I HAD to make the program for the wedding. On Saturday morning, May 8, a group of my friends---my crafty friends---and I got together and began the process of putting the programs together. I had formatted everything the week before and cut the orange paper---the program was a 5.5" square. The cardstock was  beautiful bright orange textured paper that I ordered online from The Papermill Store. The inside paper was a nice linen from the same place---I had gone to Archivers to look for paper, but the price was insane, so I began to shop around online and I found this to have the best price....and, by the time I got a decision about what was wanted, I needed to GET 'ER DONE! We used a beautiful Bazzill paper for the lime green---it's a shimmer paper and it was so perfect for the accent on the front of the program. We used this monogram on several things for the wedding---stickers for the favor bags, napkins, etc. I wanted to find this font that we had used on all of these items. It's called Liorah.
I did have to buy it---but it was worth it because it matched all the other things we had used--- The formatting of the inside did take a long time, but again, it wasn't really hard---just time consuming. We had 2 full pages (well, what I mean is---two pages folded in half cut to 5.25" square and copied on all eight sides of the pages---make sense?)

Anyway, my friends and I probably put in about 20 man hours that morning and it ended up taking over 80 when I ended up counting it all up. I had NO idea it would take so long---some of the bridesmaids ended up coming over and threading & tying ribbon----lots of ribbon! I was pleased with how they turned out---and Caitlin was---and even though this was my little contribution---that was the most important thing! The truth is---she really didn't care----so, she just indulged me! Isn't that sweet of her?

Here's another picture that has some of the gift bags I made in the background. I printed all the tags on the computer (using the same font, of course!) and then just layered it using my Spellbinders Labels Four Dies and tied them onto Kraft paper bags that I had stuffed with orange and green tissue paper----that I bought in bulk----if anyone needs some.....or alot!  Seriously---everything I give for the next 3 years will use these colors! I hope you don't mind!

Thanks for stopping by---Friday is our last day of school, so I do hope to be around here much more often---goodie for you~ hmph!

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