Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{The Dirty Dozen plus a few---and a splash!}

About ten years ago this month, David and I were calling our families to tell them we were expecting a baby---our Joshua (in the pink shirt above.) David's parents, aka Granny & Granddaddy were SOOOO excited. Joshua would make 12---Twelve grandkids on the Nelson side of the family. Granddaddy was especially excited and affectionately called his brood, "The Dirty Dozen". Since then, we have added two (now three) in-laws into the mix. The more the merrier. We have always tried to take a picture of any of the grandchildren whenever they are together. SO, of course, during the wedding festivities, we wanted to get some pictures of them together as well.

SOOOOOO, the rehearsal dinner seemed like the obvious place. We were having a lovely dinner---that I described in an earlier post here. We all had some of this beautiful cake:
 Isn't this cake beautiful? Caitlin and Carson truly have a heart for people around the world, so Dawn came up with this cake idea---she's so creative!

Here's the top up close---LOVE THIS! And it was a good cake, too---different flavors in the different layers!

So, we were savoring our dessert and coffee and really enjoying visiting with everyone. Things were winding down and I heard a commotion near the pool----Carson was being carried across the yard by the groomsmen---he was about to go splash!
 Carson didn't even fight it---it must be the thing that happens around Rocky Mount---at least with his friends!

Still moving~

Here he goes---I didn't get one of him going in---bummer, but......

Here he is, soaking wet---he's so sweet---look at that smile!

At least his friends took off the leather---and grabbed his keys!

I'm not sure what Joshua was doing with that stick---perhaps he was going to protect his new brother! 
Too late!!

Meanwhile back at the pavillion....the pictures were being taken---Gene was trying to round up all the Dirty Dozen for pictures---

It started out with Jeff, Emily, Sarah, and Keith

Then Heather and Andrew and Pam were added.

Then Brett, Caitlin, Hannah, Joshua, and Clayton got there---just waiting on those Hughes Springs Nelsons....
Where are those girls???

NOW---Logan and Peyton are there---and Tom Sawyer---who is that boy without his shirt? OHHHHH, it's the latest addition to the family, CARSON! This is just after the pool episode. SO, his first picture with the "Dirty Dozen" or whatever you call 15 is soaking wet and shirtless! 

And here is everyone---the Dirty Dozen and the three wonderful additions---Molly, Keith and Carson. Granny and Granddaddy would have loved this picture----I wish they had been here to enjoy this moment!

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