Monday, May 31, 2010

{Some wedding photos}

So, one of the reasons that I quit blogging for awhile was this small thing called a wedding in our family. We had a lovely wedding on Saturday, May 15 in Rocky Mount, NC. Caitlin and Carson got engaged in October. They wanted to get married in Rocky Mount so they could have the reception at Carson's family home.  So the planning began and before we knew it, May was here---I missed a lot of what happened in pictures because I just didn't have time to take pictures of some of what I wanted---oh well, life goes on with or without a blog post!

A family friend of ours, Denise Myers, is a photographer and she brought her camera and put these pictures on Picasa for me to capture---how sweet is that!? Here are just a few pictures of the ceremony---with a few comments for each. The ceremony was a very simple one---so focused on Christ---it was beautiful. I'll post the reception another day! We'll have the "official photographs" someday soon.

Ben Salmon led the congregation in Come Thou Fount while the wedding party walked in.
When Caitlin walked in, only Ben was singing---it was anti-climactic in the most beautiful way.

Here's a picture of Carson when he first saw Caitlin---that's always the best picture---pure joy!

 Caitlin arriving at the altar.

 Caitlin at the altar with her daddy and Carson.

Caitlin and Carson taking their vows--Carson's dad is his best man--next to him.

The ring ceremony

Hannah was the maid of honor---so pretty!
Here's what the wedding party looked like. No flowers, no candles---just their friends around them.

The kiss!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Carson Matthew Guy

SO, that's the ceremony in a nutshell---it was precious. It so honored Christ---someone told me---it was a worship service and two kids got married! I know that is exactly what they wanted. What a blessing to have kids who want to put Christ above all! Praise the Lord!

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Connie said...

Good pics, Kathleen and so well said about the ceremony. She was a beautiful bride and Hannah was a beautiful maid of honor!