Monday, May 17, 2010

{Mrs. Carson Guy}

Well, she's married! I could show you all 146 pictures of her bridal shoot, but I won't---I'll just show you some of my favorites! This is the one she chose for her portrait. I hope to show you some pictures from the wedding soon---I haven't had a chance to get through any of ours yet. The ceremony was so precious and the reception was a lot of fun--which is what they wanted. BUT, it was HOT! :) We all survived, but it was HOT!! I hope they enjoyed it~

The bridals were taken by Love the Schultzes---amazing! SOOOOOO, happy with the result. Below are a few of the pictures! If you are in North Carolina and need a wedding photographer, here's a link to their blog.

On April 5th we drove to Davidson, NC to take her bridal portraits. We got to Fisher Farm---a local park there and we say Geoff & Cheyenne she said "Get back in the car---I found a place where I want to take some photos first and then we'll come back here". So, we drove to a driveway down the street where the Bradford Pear trees were lined all the way down the drive and they had grown together into this lovely canopy. Cheyenne had just gone to the door and asked the owner if she could take some pictures here---and we did! I loved this setting---

When we got back to Fisher Farm park, we found this amazing rusted out truck. This is where my favorite pictures were taken. I don't know if you remember the Engagement pictures I posted, but I thought it was so cool to incorporate the truck into these pictures also.

This necklace is one that Hannah bought in England when she went a few summers ago---how cool that Caitlin wore it in her portraits and on her wedding day.

She wore these shoes as her "Something blue"---aren't they so cute!

There was this old barn there, too----such a great picture---I could show you 10 of these that I loved, but I'll spare you! :)

It was about 85 degrees that day, and after awhile that wedding dress was REALLY hot---so while Cheyenne hung up these amazing photo frames in some trees, Hannah and Caitlin and I sat in the car with the air conditioner blasting. Did I say that the truck photos were my favorites? I don't know---these are pretty great too---I just love Cheyenne's style. She brought this little table and chair and rose in a vase. Caitlin had put her boots back on by then---love these photos with her boots on. She had planned to wear them at the reception, but it was so hot that she just put on her rainbows instead!

The park has the huge field and Cheyenne took some wonderful pictures here---here's my favorite from that group.

Finally, here's the other side of the barn--LOVE all the broken glass and that door!

Well, thanks for indulging me! I have lots to share over the next month. Hannah graduates from Trinity Academy of Raleigh in less than two weeks---I still haven't sent out her announcements---ugh! That's the job for today! Thanks for stopping by--I hope to actually stamp sometime in the next month...but I have lots of other priorities at this point in  my life!


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Unbelievable pictures. And SO CAITLIN.