Saturday, January 23, 2010

{Caitlin & Carson}

As I told you yesterday, I have some of Caitlin and Carson's engagement pictures. Their photographer is Kaitlin Roten in Wake Forest. Her blog is so fun! Caitlin found her and she really shoots in a style that she likes. Their first appointment had to be canceled because it was on that "snow day" in December that wasn't very snowy, but wasn't good for photos.

Carson's grandfather has restored several classic cars/trucks and has them at his home, so they decided that would be a fun place to take their photos. They pulled them out of storage and they were great backdrops for a fun shoot. It was about 34 degrees that day, but they just look great---I can't believe they were able to smile in that weather---isn't love great? Anyway---here are a few of the pictures. (OK, I have SOOOO many to choose from that I had to just cut some of the "not as amazing as the other ones"...)To see more, go to the 2point5d Photography blog. Thanks Kaitlin for such a great job. I can't wait to see the wedding shots!

I love this truck---what a fun "prop"!

Here's one of the barns on the property---love this!

Same shot, black and white~

A cool car---it's sort of covered up in this photo, but I loved the bubbles!
Here's a better shot of the car~

Doesn't this look so retro? Love this, too~

 SWEET! This truck is amazing~

THIS is classic---such a beautiful couple and a unique picture. I love this photographer's creativity.
Like I told you in yesterday's post, Kaitlin Roten is having a contest right now for any married or engaged couple. She'll give them one photo session around Valentine's Day---Take a look at it---it's worth a try! It runs through February 1st---Maybe you'll win! Check it out HERE!
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Beverly Nash said...

These photos are spectacular. I love the antique truck. If the wedding is half as beautiful as the pics, it will be amazing. Congrats.