Monday, February 1, 2010

{snow days!!!}

Is there anything better than a snow day? You know---a day---no matter what day of the week it is, when everything shuts down. We have had several days like this now---I love these days! We have just hung out in our pajamas, worked on things, played. It's been fun! Here are a few pictures from our January snow!

Joshua ready to make some snowballs----except it was too dry and wouldn't pack--bummer!


Joshua and David still pelted each other with snow---in the form of handfuls instead of snowballs---both work!


The lab smelled something down there---I have a whole series of pictures of her getting down to the ground, but I thought I'd spare you!
The kids are out of school today and we are waiting to see what happens tomorrow...with fingers crossed for another day! Enjoy yours---whatever the weather!

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