Sunday, January 3, 2010

{Stampy stuff}

ETA: I accidentally published this without most of the words---UGH~I HATE it when I do something like that. I don't want to delete it because it took me forever to upload the photos---so please forgive me if you read this before I had done this editing~~~

Well, I did do some stamping in December---not very much, mind you, but I did some. Since I didn't get to post much---OK, anything during the month, I'm posting it now---I won't list any supplies---if you have a question about something, just ask me---I can say that with total confidence that no one will ask---this is why I say it!!! But seriously, if by chance you have a question, I'll be happy to tell what supplies I used.

Here's a tag I made for David---you can't really see if for all of the tulle, but it's there~

more tags---notice Joshua's homemade tag----on the yellow sticky note---I love that personal touch~

I found these snowflake tie ons last year after Christmas for about 15 cents each---EVERYONE got them! LOVE embellishments~

More family tags---I love these stockings. These stockings will come out every year---the set is a mix and match set from Papertrey Ink and I just LOVED it---I went really simple on these tags, but I used this set on my Christmas card, too.

More snowflake tags--(I had to use those tie ons, you know~)

These are more tags that I used for my family gifts---I made TONS of them and then had to punt on Christmas eve and make some more---while we were at my Mom's house---I had to bring my supplies with me. I don't think I have pictures of those---it was late. Does anyone else wait until Christmas eve to wrap? Yeah, well, I did and I swear I'll never do that again---but, I say that every year. UGH~ I was locked in my room the entire day---perhaps this tells you that Christmas is pretty crazy at my house---don't judge me.
This tag was what I used on my teacher gifts this year. I had planned something a little more elaborate, but the first week of December was insane---my heat was out---5 out of 7 days of that first week--off and on, mind you---not 5 consecutive days. The repairman came to my home 4 different times.

I made jam this summer and this is one of the jars I used---this little jar only holds about 2 oz.--not much jam, but lots of cute~ I also used large jars---I think I have a jar of that to show you, but I can't find it right now in my haze--

I start back to work tomorrow----I'm not ready, but I do know not to complain after having two weeks off~It just always takes me awhile to get used to that alarm clock going off again---
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your week---it's COLD here---it was 17 degrees here this morning---to this Southern girl, that is COLD!

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