Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{Thirty Days of Thanks~2012; Day 6}

Day 6 | Reality check

So, I've already talked about voting on Day 2---and I was thankful for that. Today I'm thankful that it really doesn't matter who wins---I KNOW, I KNOW----some of you just left. But listen---I am thankful today that I live in a great republic-that I get to help choose my leaders (I'd help more if I lived in Ohio, apparently---but still.) Either way, I am so tired of 'American Christians' thinking that a "party" or a "man" will save us.

There is a person in my life who wants to help me---like, he (with his family) does a lot to serve me. The other day, I had asked him the name of a person to help fix my lawn mower and he wanted to pay for the fix----I just needed the name---this was a texted conversation, so I finally said, "Jesus is my Savior---not YOU!!" Would I love for him to pay for my fix?---Well, YEAH, but it's not necessary---and I know that he can use that money to help someone else who has a great need right now. That is the way he works---he gives. I'd like to say that to those who are mourning now because it looks like they are close to calling this election ---and not for the "American Christians' " candidate. I'd like to see us lift high the name of Christ as much as we have lifted high the name of "put favorite candidate here". Do we REALLY believe that one person holds that much sway over a holy God? UGH----it just makes me sad.

Today I'm thankful that I DO trust in this holy God; that I know He sees all and knows all and he can handle anything that may be done here.  I'd like to see a more civil approach to this process----among believers!!! Isn't that the LEAST that we can do as a "chosen generation, a Royal priesthood, a holy nation"? YES--- I could ramble on this topic for a long time, but I'm sleepy and my pillow is calling my name. I thankful tonight for Jesus. That He is the creator and He created all those in charge and we can trust Him. Goodnight---life will still go on tomorrow---no matter who wins!

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