Friday, November 2, 2012

{Thirty Days of Thanks~2012; Day 2}

Day Two | The Vote

Today I am so thankful for the right to vote. Honestly, I am always amazed that I get to take part in this crazy process. My whole family (birth family) is pretty crazy about politics---my parents have always been actively involved in the process. One of my sisters worked on Capitol Hill for years and still lives in Northern Virginia---which means you ARE involved whether you want to be or not. My other sister teaches American History and is a political junky---yep, she is. And then there is Kathleen---frankly, I'd just rather us find out the day before the election who is running and make a decision based on their platform and be done with it.....I think only the people in the news business and those near the Beltway are into the three year election process....BUT, I would NEVER think of NOT voting! SO, today, I did my civic duty---more than that, I was PRIVILEGED to get out there and vote. It was crowded---I had to park on Ray Road and walk to Lake Lynn center, waited about 45 minutes just to get in the door, walked in with my voter guide and cast my ballot. It is done. I was giddy as I grabbed that sticker and wore it all day---I may just wear it tomorrow! I think it's amazing that we get to vote---I LOVE the peaceful transfer of power---as I've grown older, I've watched as Presidents leave their home, shake hands with "the new guy", get on the helicopter and fly away. There is no rioting, no one storming the gates in protest---it's just the way it is.  I'm not crazy about everything in America---I'm not arrogant enough to believe that my country is any more "special" to God than another---but I AM grateful that I have this voice---It's a gift.

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