Sunday, November 18, 2012

{Thirty Days of Thanks~2012; Day 18}

 Day 18 | Serving at Church

I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn't posted yesterday....I let it go! Yea for me! I stayed up super late trying to get some more Advent gifts wrapped and ready for all my children & grandchild & nephews....yeah, that's a lot of wrapping! I really enjoy it---but it's nearly 170 little packages to get together by December 1st!!! That's a lot! Anyway, I was busy doing that and didn't get my post up.

Today, I went to church where I have the privilege of serving in a one year old Sunday School class. We have the "oldest ones"---many of them have turned two in the past quarter or are about to. What a fun age! Our class is really happy most of the time---which is so nice. There are a few classes on the hall that have so many sad babies as I walk by each Sunday...I'm so grateful ours are a little more comfortable. We have a lot of consistency with the workers and I know that helps children this age.

As I was serving today I was reminded of all the years I was dropping off babies and preschoolers for someone to keep so I could just sit through the worship service in peace! Do you remember those days? It was an hour or two of adult interaction and I was SO grateful to have it! The children are so precious! I enjoy spending time with them and the people I work with each Sunday. Let's just face it---babies make you smile. They are always good for a hug or a giggle. I wanted to take a picture of my class, but I don't have permission to use their faces on my blog, so I decided I wouldn't.

Why am I teaching in the Preschool area? If any of you know me, you know that I really LOVE working with older children. How did I end up in a "ones" class? I needed a job that didn't require any preparation each week---I just don't have time during the school year. I knew I'd leave it until the last minute and that wouldn't serve the students best. I knew I needed to get back into a Sunday School class, but I really wasn't ready for an adult class---so I decided to serve some parents of preschoolers. I'm grateful the Lord showed me the need and I was able to say yes. I don't know if I'll serve in here forever---but it's been a nice transition for me.

Joshua and Hannah are here with me for the week and I'm really looking forward to some sweet time with them. They are downstairs watching a Doctor Who episode now---I'm not watching because I'm only in Season 3 and that would be WRONG to watch something from a later season until I'm caught least according to Hannah Nelson. This is her latest obsession and I don't want to upset the rules of the obsession.

So, today I'm grateful for an opportunity to serve the young families of Providence Baptist Church. AND I'm grateful to begin a week at home with my kiddos! I hope you are able to gather with your family this week and enjoy each other. Have a great week!

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