Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Thirty Days of Thanks~2012; Day 21}

Day 21 |time with the kids~

I was so thankful today to have some time to hang out with Hannah and Joshua. I baked quite a bit of the day, so Hannah and Joshua had a Doctor Who-fest in the den---with fish sticks and custard....I think you have to be a Whovian to get that.....I'm just figuring this out, but yes, they dipped their fish sticks in the custard......ummmm, no.

When I finally finished making my pies, I went out and picked up Brave from Redbox and a pizza from Amante pizza. It's right up the street from us and one of our favorite places to get pizza. Anyway, sometimes it's just nice to do nothing together--I'm so grateful for some down time with my kids!

We are spending the day with Carson's family tomorrow in Rocky Mount. I'm grateful for the opportunity to join them for this special day of Thanksgiving. I'll load some pictures tomorrow, I hope!

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