Monday, November 12, 2012

{Thirty Days of Thanks~2012; Day 12}

My thankful heart is seeing that it's November 12th and freaking out a bit! I have a major production in a month and I feel SO FAR behind! I think I probably feel this way every year at this time--but it seems "new" to me every year.

Today I'm grateful for a few little things---nothings "major" or life changing to anyone---but I'm still grateful for them. I am thankful at this point in the holiday season that I can look again to the past and KNOW that "it" will all get done and  work out just fine. "IT" is all of the stuff that has to happen between now and the program date---and just the knowledge that I've done it numerous times before is a comfort to me. So, my heart can rest knowing that the All-Sufficient One has this more than handled.

I'm also thankful tonight for some extra time with Joshua to play a game. He didn't have too much homework, so after dinner and clean up we were able to sit and play Yahtzee of all things. I'm not sure when I last played it---but it was found in the "great clean-out of 2012"---and we played it tonight. There is something to be said about no screen time---it forces us to be together in a more engaging environment than just watching a movie together---we should play more games....real conversations happen over games---not so much over a movie. Now, don't hear me  and think I'm bashing the movies---because we Nelson's LOVE to watch some movies---but it was a refreshing flash back to when the screen didn't consume children---or adults. Sadly, I think those days may be gone forever. We do have screens everywhere---we are forced to use them for work, we have them on our laps, in our bedrooms, in our pockets and purses. I'm grateful today for this pause in the norm---this quiet game---well, if you've ever played Yahtzee, you know it's not a quiet game---that dice cup is the most annoying thing in the world......but, you know what I mean!

Enjoy your week---and take a moment away from the screen.

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