Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Thirty Days of Thanks~2012; Day 20}

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Day 20 | God's Provision

I ran into Harris Teeter today for a few things I'll need to let the bake-fest begin tomorrow in preparation for Thursday. Thursday---Thanksgiving Day. A day that most of us will have much more than we could ever need---and we'll likely throw part of it out before we can eat it. As I was there, I kept passing a mom and her two preschool children. As I went from aisle to aisle walking by them, I couldn't help but overhear her telling the children, "no, you can't have this, no you can't have that." Now, I've done the same things with my toddler children---toddlers and grocery stores can be a mother's worst nightmare! But I couldn't help but wonder if they "couldn't" have these things because she just couldn't afford it.  I pondered this as I shopped the rest of the store and wondered what she ended up buying.

I left the store with 8 grocery bags and a more grateful heart. Even as my family has walked through various changes in the past 18 months, we have always had far more than we've ever needed. I don't have to worry if I can feed my family. I don't have to decide between paying a bill and buying groceries.  I know that many Americans live this struggle each and every month. I am SO BLESSED to NOT have to worry about this. I could talk about this for a long time---but I think we all know how blessed we are---sometimes we just forget to say it out loud---and acknowledge the ONE who gives us all that we have. So, I'm saying it---Thank you Father, Holy God, for your gracious provision in my life. Thank you for sustaining me and giving me all I need and much, much more. May I NEVER take for granted your good gifts.

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