Monday, June 30, 2008


Ahhhhhhh, I fooled you! You thought I was going to show you a really cool project using paint----

NOPE! Instead, I'm just telling you that the reason I haven't posted a pretty is that I have been painting Joshua's room---yep---it's summer time---and that's when I have the time to do these awful tasks! Now, I really don't mind painting a "room"----"room" meaning WALLS----it's the woodwork that I hate---and yes, I'm painting the woodwork----

Our house is over 30 years old---think back, 1977---COUNTRY  is JUST coming onto the scene---natural wood is IN----but not really natural wood---but really DARK STAINED WOODWORK===NOW, fast forward 30 years later and you have some nasty woodwork to paint---So, I have spent the last few days sanding, dusting, taping, and finally painting---THREE coats is what it takes to cover that dark woodwork--even after priming, SO---I HATE painting the woodwork.......

BUT, lest you feel I have whined you straight on to the next blog---I must say, when it's all done---it's truly worth it. It TOTALLY changes the look of the room---(and, this is my last room in the house to have to do it in) *Insert "Hallelujah Chorus" here.

Joshua wants an Indiana Jones room----so we are just painting a khaki color and I'll buy some brown bedding---put a little whip and hat on the wall and call it Indiana Jones---I figure we can change it easily enough to something else when he tires of Mr. Jones this way!! I am trying to think of something fun to do with his window treatment to help with the theme, so if you are super creative---and know how to do it CHEAP--let me know!!! I'm really not the girl who spends a ton of money on the "stuff" in our house (except for MY stuff, that is!!)  ; }

My goal is to have the room back together (at least the bed in it's place and most of the furniture back to the right spots) by Wednesday night---SOOOO, perhaps I can post something then--

If you are still here, you are probably Connie or you are related to me----so thank you very much and I love you! 



Anonymous said...

I am impressed and since you are very experienced in painting, if you should feel you need to keep "brushed up" just come on up to Henderson! There is ALWAYS a paint job to be done, like the whole outside of our house! HA!
Thanks for sharing your life through your blog!

LeAnne said...

Oh, we went through a transformation like that in my living room two years or so ago.....and the kitchen last year! Painting that stained trim is just so fun! Next project is my craft room....imagine moving hundreds of stamp sets, table, junk, books, junk, junk, junk, etc.....and where to put it while you are working on the room? That is an after-Christmas project! Good luck, you're right--it is worth it in the end!