Sunday, June 22, 2008

{Georgia Aquarium}

Good morning from Atlanta~
We went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday---can I just say this: DO NOT GO TO THE GEORGIA AQUARIUM ON A SATURDAY! Don't get me wrong, we had a fun time, but, DO NOT GO TO THE GEORGIA AQUARIUM ON A SATURDAY!  (Sorry for yelling! I just want you to go on another day!) I felt like I was at a theme park---it was just insane the number of people they let in there. The only reason we went yesterday was because it was the only day we could go. We aren't just on a vacation, David has meetings he has to attend,---so, it was either fight the crowds, or not go, so we chose the former and held on to our child! 
I do highly recommend this aquarium. They have some amazing displays. Several of these pictures were taken in a display where you step onto a moving track and it takes you underneath all the creatures--that's where this picture is taken (if I can get blogger to oblige me!)
They have numerous touch pools where you can feel all sorts of sea creatures-sea stars, crabs, shrimp, etc.

I'm sure my blogger problems are USER problems---but I just can't get the writing to go where I want it---anyway, I'm new enough to this that I'm still on a pretty large learning curve!  I'll be home tomorrow evening, so hopefully I can stamp some on Tuesday! I miss my stuff!! :) 
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