Saturday, June 21, 2008

{Pictures from Indianapolis}

No card today---just some pictures from the Indianapolis Children's Museum a couple weeks ago---for those of you interested in my family, I'm sorry I've taken so long! Here's Joshua attacking some cotton candy after lunch....I'm not sure I would have let the girls do this...that's sort of sad! BUT, that's one of the great things you learn when you have a child later in your life...the small stuff really doesn't matter!! (and my girls just tell me I can pay for their therapy someday!)

Here's Joshua sitting on some "dinosaur eggs" and holding one. They had little costumes that you could dress up in, but he was way too cool for that....yeah, being 7 is pretty cool! They have a HUGE dinosaur exhibit that is really amazing. This is only one little part of it. They have a game room with all sorts of video games from PONG, who remembers PONG??? to Pacman, to the most recent X-Box and Playstation games. In this same area there are numerous board games. Here are David and Joshua in a mean game of Jenga!

Below, Joshua was in a bulldozer that kids can "drive" (like a bicycle, only using your hands) and pick up thousands of rubber rocks and then transport them to different places---quite cool! And, of course, with Spiderman. They had another large exhibit on comics---and had thousands of artifacts and interactive ways for children to get involved. One of the batmobiles from the movie was there. I forgot to upload one of those pictures, I guess, but it was pretty cool to see that.

This picture, below, isn't at the museum...this is at a restaurant in Indianapolis with some of our closest friends in the world---we've known them for over 20 years. Here's Drew Melton, Joshua, David and Doug Melton with the Pope---yep, we got to eat with the Pope.....well, sort of! The restaurant is Buca di Beppo---it's a chain of restaurants across the US---it's a loud, family friendly place. We had a fun time---but we always have a fun time with the Meltons! Well, that's the post for today. We are enjoying Atlanta---tomorrow we are going to the Aquarium and Sunday to the Coca-Cola museum, so I will have some happy memories and maybe a picture or two to share! Hugs~

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