Monday, July 7, 2008

{Coming soon}

I have been at my parents house for a little weekend alone time (they are out of town). I watched more episodes of Law & Order than you could imagine---well, I listened to them. I was stamping. I made all sorts of things---some of them I can't share here because they are gifts for people who read it, but I'll be able to start sharing some things tomorrow. I had such a great time....I really didn't have one thing specific in mind to make when I went, so I ended up taking TONS of my stuff---it was pretty funny to see my car LOADED down with supplies---it would have been easier to send my family over there for the weekend and just stay in my room----but then I would have had to clean my mom's house AND mine when it was all over! Well, I need to go put everything back in it's place~ Joshua's room is painted and we put it "back together"---but I am going to get rid of some things and get new bedding, etc. I'll take a picture of it after we get it more "Indiana Jones-ish"! I'll be back tomorrow with some pretties to show!


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