Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Good Friends}

I'm not a philosopher---TRUST ME! This is one thing I know FOR SURE---but, I have read some---emphasis on SOME philosophy and I find myself truly grateful for God's wisdom from notable philosophers. I haven't actually found this quote in a primary source, so I suppose I shouldn't put it here, but hey, I'm not trying to write a thesis---just a mom blog---SO, here it is:
Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit~

 In April (yes, I know, I'm SERIOUSLY behind on blogging), some of my dearest friends and I had a chance to get together for breakfast. It was a sweet time of catching up---life goes by so fast. These women have been the dearest friends to me. It was such a treat to get together and visit---even if it was only for a couple hours. Some of these women I have known for a long time---not 20 years---but enough years to know I love them. Enough years to see the fruit of friendship grow in our lives.

Joshua had a sleepover (again in April) with one of his closest friends and they graciously allowed me to snap these two pictures (well, I took a ton, but these two were priceless~). They were just out in the yard playing football and I took my camera out.  I love that I was able to catch a natural smile---I had to print these for myself and Justin's mom---these are the pictures that go in the graduation picture pile!! I hope for these two boys that the Lord will continue to knit their hearts together to develop a deep, rich friendship.

They were about to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail----popcorn was a must!  I LOVE 10 year old boys---to hear them quoting parts of The Holy Grail already---such a proud moment!!!

Hannah's three best friends flew up to Boston to be with her at her Thinking Beyond Borders graduation. I have an upcoming post about that weekend---it was very sweet. These girls have been together since 4th grade. God has blessed them with very different personalities and interests, but one thing they do have in common---they genuinely love each other. Their friendship "tree" has seen great joys and genuine hardship---much fruit has been developed on this tree and I hope much more will come in their future~

These are some of Caitlin's best friends---(doesn't Cait look amazing? She had just had a baby, you know!) Since Caitlin doesn't live here anymore, I don't have as many opportunities to take pictures of her friends. There are many other pictures on her blog. Check it out!

What a sweet gift from the Lord to have good friends---I am SO grateful that I--and my children--have the opportunity to grow into friendship with such amazing people.

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