Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{a party for the traveler}

We had a little party for Hannah to welcome her home from her time abroad. Many of her friends from high school were able to come. It was great to see them after their first year of college! SO much has happened in their lives in the last year.

I had to show this picture---I need to get a close up, but check out Hannah's jeans---she had everyone from the team sign them and many of her home stay family members, too. They will have to be framed someday! 

Daniel and Annetta

Kristin and Kelsey---beautiful girls!

Caitlin and Lauren---here with Anna, Lauren's youngest

Susan--holding Eve who is OUT! and Kristin---dear friends
the food---mama's brownies, hummus and veggies/pita chips, strawberries/grapes and fruit dip, corn dip (still in the oven), and these beautiful cookies!

How CUTE are these? I ordered them from Allison's cookies. I highly recommend them---they not only look good--but they TASTE good, too! I had her make some cookies for a wedding shower a couple weeks ago and they were beautiful. Such talent!

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