Saturday, June 25, 2011

{Things I've done so far...part 1}

One of the things I love about summer is the extra time I have to catch up on long neglected projects. Here's the beginning of some of the things I have gotten done this summer----lots more on my list......I hope this will be a regular post title until the insanity of the school year begins!

I received some birthday money this year---in April---and I had several ideas of how I wanted to spend it. I decided to buy this deck set. When I saw the whole thing half price at Target, I decided it was time to make the purchase. WHY, OH WHY, did I not get a picture of the old set before it was removed? It was pitiful---the glass had broken in it a couple of years ago before we had our new deck built. So we had a piece of plywood on top of it with a table cloth over it---classy! The frame of the table had also broken, so it sat a little wonky (nice choice of words, don't you think?) and the chairs were nasty and spat out rusty water when you first sat down in them....yeah, I definitely should have taken pictures!

Here's a picture, but it really doesn't do the "tacky" justice! I probably moved the chairs out of the picture because I didn't want them in it! Anyway, NOW I have this beautiful dinner table that seats six. Two of the chairs are in other corners of the deck, but can easily be moved to the table. NOW----"Why is this post titled, 'Things I've done so far' " you ask? Because I put all of this together with my own two hands---one allen wrench, two other wrenches, and a screwdriver later and voila! A new deck set....

Oh, and the boxes provided all sorts of fun for Joshua as well---gotta love bulding hideaways in your own living room! Of course, most of the time the box was closed. He just let me peek in here to take a couple pictures.

A little lunch and a movie in the hideaway---he was set for HOURS!

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