Monday, June 6, 2011

{Please Come to Boston for the springtime...}

........sorry, I couldn't resist  that!!!

Hannah had a graduation celebration from Thinking Beyond Borders (TBB) in Boston on Mother's Day weekend. Caitlin, Carson and Eve didn't make this trip, but Joshua and I flew out to meet David at the Boston airport and then rent a car to travel out to Babson College where the graduation festivities took place.

We talked to Hannah after we picked up the car and she was near Harvard Square, so we decided to meet her there. Todd Moore had accompanied Sarah Beth and met Annetta Kinton and Kristin Martin in Boston, too. What a sweet thing for these friends to come to see Hannah and celebrate this experience with her---anyway, they were in the Harvard area, too, so we decided that the girls would all meet there.

THIS was the sweetest moment of the weekend.
or maybe this....
....or maybe this
....ummmm, this

We had several events that weekend and the TBB students presented their Presentations of Learning to family and friends who were there. Friday night there was a more formal event and Robin Pendoley, one of the founders of TBB asked Hannah to present part of her South Africa media project with the group. It was a very personal, raw piece of journaling that she had put together in South Africa. She read several entries to the group and people were moved to tears---she told of her own struggles on this trip---very personal struggles and how she was trying to reconcile these struggles and those of the people she was serving there in South Africa with her faith. She read to us what she had written from her heart and it was beautiful. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing, I've decided.
She decided to take her shoes off so she would be more comfortable---I love that about Hannah! She's always been comfortable with who she is.
This is a picture of her "Raleigh friends", Todd, David and me at the Friday night event.

Saturday was the actual graduation and it was bittersweet. Sweet to be going "home"--sleeping in her own bed---however humble that may be. But, how do you say goodbye to these friends---your "nomadic family" as they called themselves---after so many months together?  Here are a few pictures of the goodbyes.

Hannah and the boys

girl band---

Hannah with Kasha & Mckinley--I love this picture of all of them!

the group
This isn't great---some people are covered up, but I didn't really get a great picture of the group all together---I'm sure someone did and hopefully I can get a copy of it someday.

Hannah is now home and adjusting to this "normal" life again---whatever normal is. She is questioning many things and pondering all that she's learned. There is a lot for her to process. She's thinking of which courses she'll take in school in the fall and sleeping alot! I think she'll make me---and our whole family more aware of Christ's goodness in our lives and ways we can serve those around us. So glad to have her home!

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