Sunday, June 26, 2011

{Things I've done so far....part 2}

A quick post before I head to worship! Another project I've tackled this summer is my side porch-- I had a couple of these planters before I started, so all I had to purchase was the plants! YEA! This only took a little while to hang the planters and toss some soil and plants into the pots, but what a difference it makes. I found a black bench at my local Ace Hardware store, but when I went back to purchase it, it was gone----WAAAAAHHHH! It would look perfect here---a couple red pillows and I'd be SET! Do you have an Ace near you with a black bench for me? OHHHHHHH, I wish I had purchased it when I first saw it----but long bench and Ford Focus just don't go together!

I appologize for the pictures---the sun wasn't my friend on this day---but I'm obviously not the serious blogger, or I'd have taken them again.....and again if necessary! Oh well---

Do you love caladiums? I truly do---I'm so happy to have a place full of shade to put them in!

I found this on clearance at Lowes----$5.48......I had to have it! I had a gift card anyway, but I sure love finding a bargain!

I hope this basket won't get too much sun---it's on the corner and it may get too much for my caladiums to survive---we'll see! 

Thanks for stopping by today---off to get ready for church---

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