Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Congratulations Carson}

Saturday---exactly one year after he married my Caitlin, Carson graduated from the MAC program at State. We attended graduation---my first public university graduation in a really long time.....oh my---it was long and irreverent----are YOU a screamer at graduations? REALLY? I can just tell you ONE thing---the girls behind us were VERY excited for Ashley----or as she was often called in the extreme screams: ASH.A.LEY!

SOOOOOOO funny---ok, really irritating, but I decided to let it go and laugh (aren't you proud of me?) Here's Carson walking across the stage---these pictures aren't great, but they are the best I have---

Carson and his Dad---Randy is a State alum, too.

Carson with his family

Carson with our family---Joshua is getting so tall I won't be able to hide behind him much longer! ;D
The happy family! So sweet!

I'm so proud of Carson---he is such a gift to my family. He has shown us unconditional love and kindness. He is a blessing, and I am grateful~

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