Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{some easter stuff

OK---I know, I should be like those other bloggers who had their Easter pictures up on Easter---but I'm a bad blogger. Since this has been established, I thought I'd go ahead and post some of our 2009 memories~this picture was taken at my parents after Joshua went on his egg hunt there---Hannah had already changed into her jeans, but I couldn't have the day go by without my all kids picture, so they obliged me!

It's a little hard finding things that interest both ends of the spectrum in our family because of the age difference of our children (19,17,8) but one thing we like to do is decorate eggs at Easter. We actually were able to have everyone together this year for it, so that was a lot of fun. Below are some pictures of that---oh, and make sure you stick around to see the Roasted Peeps---yep, you don't want to miss that!

Here's a picture of a few of the eggs that were done--some in my family like to use the wax crayon to decorate before dying!

Caitlin started taking pictures and here are some of her shots

Hannah peering over the accumulated eggs

The watermelon egg--sort of
Easter egg....

OK---I know you are waiting for the Peeps story---if not, I don't want to know--My husband came down last Saturday afternoon and began rummaging through the cabinets---the next thing I know, he's skewering a peep, and turning on the kitchen torch---you know, the little torch you use for Creme Brulee.

So, I promptly asked what he was doing. Apparently he had lunch with a friend and somehow the conversation must have turned to stale peeps...aren't they ALWAYS stale??? Because let's face it....they are only fresh for one minute after the package is opened.... Anyway, this friend told him he torches them and they taste like Creme Brulee...and you know, they aren't half bad. Now, I'm not a fan of the peep, but roasted peeps could make their way into the Nelson Easter tradition! Anything that gives another excuse to use the kitchen torch is a good idea to me!
Have a great day~

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LeAnne said...

Well, you are the ONLY person that I know that actually owns a kitchen torch! I don't dare let DH see this post, he'll be wanting one too! Although we don't do peeps, so I am probably safe. What a hoot!